Bryan Issues Statement on Demonstrations Planned on St. Croix and St. Thomas

United States Virgin Islands Government House

Governor Albert Bryan Jr. issued the following statement about Wednesday’s planned demonstrations on St. Croix and St. Thomas:

“As a former Labor commissioner and lifelong advocate for the advancement of workers’ rights, and now as governor, I stand in support of the workers and their right to demonstrate on Wednesday.

“It is out of this commitment to the labor force that the Bryan-Roach Administration has made it a priority to bring current outstanding labor agreements to repay the $41 million in 8% pay cuts as the result of the 2011 VIESA and has made certain to bring solvent the Government Employees’ Retirement System (GERS).

“While we understand that there are still many longstanding issues that require attention, it is this administration’s focus and ultimate goal to continue to address those issues in the interest of our hard-working government and private-sector employees.

“I look forward to our continued efforts and discussions with labor leaders to help address all of these issues for the betterment of all workers.”

The Bryan-Roach Administration is investing in the Territory’s people, infrastructure and future through transparency, stabilizing the economy, restoring trust in the government and ensuring that recovery projects are completed as quickly as possible. Visit