Cameras Are Effective Force Multipliers

St. John Tradewinds,

RE: Daylight Armed Robbery at Cinnamon Bay Parking Lot

I have suggested many times that St. John needs video cameras to cut crime such as this.

It is fortunate that this lady was not harmed, but will that be the case next time?

If there were remote viewable video cameras being monitored by police or park rangers there could have been an immediate response to provide help.

There should also be emergency help cellular call boxes to summon assistance in the event of an emergency on the beaches.

Additional cameras located on the major roadways, intersections and the ferry terminal could have easily been used to identify and apprehend the fleeing vehicle.

When I look back at the numerous crimes committed in the past year or so on St. John, 90% of them could have been deterred or solved through the use of these cameras.

Residents should also be installing these systems, which are now very reasonably priced and can be set up in an hour or so by the homeowner.

My company would be pleased to assist the police department with choosing and acquiring the appropriate equipment at wholesale cost and without any profit to our firm.

There are also likely grants that are available so that there may be no cost at all.

These cameras are effective force multipliers that will give the police much greater abilities without spending huge sums or wasting valuable time to implement them.

Best regards,
Robert Pfriender President
Allied International Development, Ltd.