Lettsome’s Statements Can Be Used in Geiger Murder Case

Virgin Islands Superior Court Judge Brenda Hollar ruled murder suspect Renell Lettsome’s statements to V.I. and British Virgin Island (BVI) law enforcement officials could be used against him in court.

Lettsome, 21, is accused of bludgeoning St. John businessman David Geiger to death, severely beating Geiger’s teenage son, Nathan, and setting their Estate Grunwald home on fire during the early morning hours of October 29.

Lettsome, who faces first degree murder, attempted murder and arson charges, is the only suspect charged in the case who remains in prison.

Lettsome’s attorney filed a motion to suppress the statements the murder suspect made to law enforcement officials after his arrest.

V.I. Superior Court Judge Hollar heard the suppression case on Monday, March 27, and ruled to allow the statements to be used as evidence, according to V.I. Assistant Attorney General Ernest Bason, Chief of the Criminal Division for St. Thomas and St. John.

Guilt Admitted
“The statements that Lettsome made to both British Virgin Islands police and V.I. Criminal Division officers will be allowed as evidence in court,” Bason said.

“There are six statements in all,” Bason continued. “He admits his guilt in these statements.”

Hollar also heard arguments on Bason’s motion to join Lett-some’s case to those of Robert Ferguson and Nestor Colaire. Ferguson and Colaire are accused of returning to Geiger’s home with Lettsome and setting the house on fire to hide the crime, leaving the unconscious Nathan inside.

Both men face charges of attempted murder, arson and being accessories after the fact. Both have been released on unsecured bonds.

Hollar ruled Ferguson’s and Colaire’s cases will be joined, but Lettsome will be tried separately.

“I wanted just the one trial, but now there will be two,” said Bason. “It doesn’t really impact the cases though.”

Bason is not handling Tullius Stewart’s case. Stewart – who faces charges of grand larceny and possession of stolen property – is accused of stealing money from Geiger’s home.

The case against Tullius will be prosecuted by Assistant Attorney General Courtney Reese.

Plea Deal Offer
As part of the criminal proceedings, Bason offered Lett-some a plea deal on March 17.

Lettsome must accept or reject the deal by April 6, according to Bason, who would not comment on the details of the offer.

“I will share that information next week,” Bason said. “He must decide by Thursday. Then that information will be available.”