Hats Off to V.I. Fire Department


On Thursday afternoon, in the heat of our drought, a fire started in the grass of upper Estate Pastory. Upon smelling and seeing the smoke, I immediately called 911 to alert the Fire Depart-ment. Within minutes the fire was spreading by winds causing flames to plume over 30 feet and dropping flaming debris starting new hot spots. In the fire’s path were two homes and plenty of grassy fuel waiting to turn the entire area into one big dangerous inferno.

However, within minutes, and in the nick of time to save the day, arrived our St. John Fire Depart-ment. With the professionalism of a well trained squad, these men stopped the spread and controlled the fire quickly, saving the homes and the hillside. These heroes saved the day. Aiding in the effort was the quick arrival of Penn’s Trucking with a truckload of water. Their timing could not have been better.

Also, it should be noted that every fireman involved in this effort was courteous and helpful, while being quick and direct in putting out the blaze. It was a fine example of teamwork. I am so proud of all you guys!

You are all heroes in my book!

Steve Black
St. John resident