Candidates Must Submit Campaign Disclosure Report to Office of Elections

Elections System of the Virgin Islands

Supervisor of Elections Caroline F. Fawkes reminds candidates and political committees of Section 905 of the Campaign Disclosure Report. Supervisor Fawkes states that “the December 30, 2021 Disclosure Report must be submitted to the Office of the Supervisor of Elections no later than Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022.”

Important Note: If candidates have closed their account, please submit a bank statement reflecting that fact, and if the candidate has under $500 left in the account during this reporting period, the candidate does not need to submit a report, just a letter stating such. Contributions received or expenditures made in amounts greater than $500 –if amounts received or expended in the six-month period are not sufficient to be reported in the period – shall be cumulative and reported in the next regular reporting period in which the receipts or expenditures, including the cumulative receipts and expenditures, are $500 or more.

Campaign Disclosure Reports can be emailed to

Supervisor Fawkes also states that “failure to submit the campaign disclosure report by the deadline will result in candidates and political committees incurring fees. Candidates who are delinquent in submitting their report(s) are subject to having their names published in the local newspapers as elected officials.”

In addition, Fawkes states that any aspirant or candidate interested in obtaining a Campaign Disclosure Report Filing Overview should contact Supervisor Fawkes at 773-1021.