Caneel Bay Tennis Ranked Number One in Caribbean, Number 12 Worldwide


Caneel’s Director of Tennis Patrick Alle on one of the resort’s blue DecoTurf courts.

Caneel Bay Resort’s top-notch tennis facilities have been ranked highly yet again.

Tennis Resorts Online recently named Caneel’s tennis facilities number one in the Caribbean for the second year in a row, and number 12 in the world.

The online tennis ranking Web site also listed Caneel’s tennis staff as number three in the world and Caneel’s tennis facilities as the fourth most romantic tennis setting in the world.

The rankings are based on surveys taken by paying guests at the world’s various resorts, according to Tennis Resorts Online’s Web site,

“It’s something that we’re obviously proud of,” said Caneel’s director of tennis, Patrick Alle. “This particular rating service generates a lot of business. We get a ton of guests just through the accolades they’ve passed down over the past few years.”

Tennis Pros Booked
The rankings are a big improvement from where Caneel was just four years ago.

“Four years ago, we weren’t even ranked,” said Alle.

The resort boasts 11 tennis courts — seven DecoTurf courts, which is the same type of court used in the U.S. open, and four Omni courts, which are synthetic grass with sand applied on the surface.

Caneel’s tennis pros stay busy with guests wanting the opportunity to play at the resort’s world-class facilities.

“For the Christmas rush, I have six pros and we’re all booked solid; I’m booked solid now,” said Alle. “For the month of March next year, I have three pros and we’re all booked 10 hours a day. That gives you an idea of how busy it really is.”
Caneel’s tennis program experiences a huge volume of return guests, explained Alle.

“Roughly 75 percent are return guests who come back,” he said. “For me, it’s like seeing my friends come back each year. It’s a lot of fun.”

The guests come back again and again for Caneel’s beautiful facilities and the service-oriented program, according to Alle.

“The owners have put a lot of money into it in the last three years,” he said. “People definitely come back for the facility. It’s beautiful, and the program is really based on guest service.”

Alle’s professionalism has helped make Caneel’s tennis program what it is today, explained Rosewood Resorts Director of Marketing Patrick Kidd.

“I think Patrick has done an amazing job with what he creates for people there,” said Kidd. “It’s a phenomenal facility. I like the fact that Patrick involves local people from the community in things like round robins as well.”

Alle, who previously enjoyed a self-described “moderately successful” tennis career, has been with Caneel for four years.

While tennis courts are not as beneficial to resorts as golf courses, featuring a good tennis program is still important, Kidd explained.

Future Pro Competition
“What’s interesting about tennis is it doesn’t have the same value to a resort that golf does, but it is such an important thing,” he said. “Everyone asks for tennis. We know we have a good facility, and Tennis Resorts Online has given us a great recognition.”

“The fact that the recognition is across the whole Caribbean, and around the world, is amazing,” Kidd added.
Caneel Bay guests and St. John residents alike can expect more exciting events from the resort’s tennis program, explained Kidd.

“What we’d like to do in the future is create a pro-am competition and have a big name in tennis come down and play,” he said.

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