Rhythm & Views by Cassie Pociask


GHS student Cassie Pociask

Going Out on Top

Being a valedictorian means having the highest accumulative GPA. This is easier said than done.

Rarely missing school, always turning in work, and paying attention in school — even through the courses which are boring — are all a part of achieving this goal. In today’s world where sports, music, and celebrities are valued more than academics, it is an amazing accomplishment to be named valedictorian.


Jason Moloney


Jason Moloney has achieved this goal — after working hard for four years, the Gifft Hill School has named him valedictorian this year.

Moloney began attending the Gifft Hill School in the seventh grade. Commuting from St. Thomas everyday so he could attend school was an experience he will never forget.

Ferries being late, bumpy rides, and long lines are all things St. Thomas residents must deal with — but try doing this for more than 720 days. While it is an incredible feat in itself, it is all just an average day of high school for Moloney.

Moloney describes his high school experience in three words: “completely worth it.”

Not only does Moloney take a full load at school, but he also manages to play soccer, basketball, Aikido, and is in various clubs such as the National Honors Society, Student Council — in which he is the president — and is also a part of the school play. He is a busy person, and yet he still stays dedicated to school.

The valedictorian offered some advice for other students.

“Do your homework and stay in school,” he said.

Parents and teachers say that for a reason, and Moloney could be their spokesperson. He is a hardworking student and deserves to be on top.

Moloney will be attending Tufts University, ranked number 27 in the nation for its excellent academics. He is heading off to a bright future, where new philosophies will be taught, new persons will be met, and knowledge will be brimming and bursting from his mind.

His passions are art and science, and he tentatively plans to pursue Biomedical Engineering.

“That’s subject to change,” said Moloney.

This year’s GHS valedictorian is a role model for all other island high school students.

“It is a lot different here than the states,” Moloney said. “The classes and community are so much smaller, but, it has been an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

Like Moloney, high school students are all celebrating the ending of a school year. The class of 2007 is on its way out, beaming from ear to ear at their accomplishments.

After 13 years, school for them is finally over. A new life awaits all graduates, which may mean leaving our small island and venturing out into a world, which may be scarier, or at least not as sunny.

Good luck class of 2007, St. John expects great things from each and every one of you.