Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

I can’t believe that downtown merchants are being forced to obey the laws after years of doing whatever they wanted to. Those over-sized gigantic signs at Wharfside were the beginning of creating a Long Island City look as one approaches Cruz Bay. Just look at the totally out of proportion Grande Bay creation. Why doesn’t someone put up an enormous Pepsi-Cola sign?

When I saw the unbelievable Larry’s Landing sign on the Smith house, I thought someone had created it as a joke. What a colossal relief to see it removed, and the Wharfside signs on the roofs will also be removed. Hooray for Governor deJongh’s department heads who are doing their jobs.

Do We Need the Roundabout?
Is it really necessary to make a mess of the roundabout on the Texaco corner? Can you just imagine the congestion and confusion it will cause? Removal of the gas station, an extremely dangerous crossing for the schoolchildren to the annex (no matter which side of the building they use as an entrance) and more confusion on the ballfield side.

Why not wait until the school is built in the country? This is a major change that should be thoroughly studied by our new director of planning. Governor deJongh will soon name his appointee, and, certainly every change that he has made has been carefully thought out. He truly is the late Governor Cyril E. King reincarnated.

Please Clean Up Mess
The basketball court and playground in Pine Peace is a total disaster. What has happened to the road that is flooded and full of deep holes? Graffiti has appeared again on the grandstand. There is no feeling of pride in making the area a pleasant place for kids and basketball games.

The dumpsters across the road are emptied daily by the Penn family, but the trash on the ground and deep into the woods is depressing. Are there plans for controlling these problems?

I hope that our capable administrator, Leona Smith, takes a look at this area. It has never looked worse. Can’t something be done about it?

Teenager To Be Proud Of
On the bright side, congratulations to J’Nay Penn who will serve as a Congressional page to the U.S. House of Representatives. J’Nay will do a wonderful job as our representative. I remember how she excelled in her classes at the St. John School of the Arts and now she ranks second in her junior class at Eudora Kean High School.

Beach Bar Mother’s Day Madness
Should I have taken it as a compliment when a rather elderly gentleman asked me to dance because I reminded him of his mother?