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Open forum: The Salvation Army’s Mission

The Salvation Army explains its many programs to help the people of the Virgin Islands during times of crisis. It has been active in the territory since 1917.

Letter to the Editor: What Is the Status of the Mahogany Run Golf Course?

David Shear says that keeping Mahogany Run Golf Course open is a quality of life and a business issue.

Open forum: The St. John CZM Committee Must Go

Sam Smack lists the reasons the St. John Committee of Coastal Zone Management should not have voted against opening a floating lounge and restaurant just off Mingo Cay. He says that the St. John committee should be replaced.

Open forum: Public Access to Beaches Through Private Property Is the Wrong Solution

Judy Egnatinsky questions Sen. Alica Barnes’ recent comments equating public access to beaches through private property as systemic racism.

Open forum: AARP Leads Efforts on Bill to Adapt Complete Streets Policy

AARP - VI is taking the lead in navigating a bill in the Legislature, the Complete Streets Policy, that will improve the livability of the community, “easing transportation concerns for residents, while improving public safety, health and the environment.”

Open forum: Senators’ Pay Increases Should Be Earned

Jelani Ritter opines on a “failing retiree system” and the recent controversy over the Legislature’s handling of salary increases for senators.

Letter to the Editor: Slapping and Humiliation Damage Children

Barbara Birt offers an alternative vision of what teaching and working with children can be in contrast to Virgin Islands schools where corporal punishment is legal.
Virgin Islands flag with flag of the United States of America

Open forum: It is Time to Amend the Revised Organic Act

Verdel L. Petersen advises Virgin Islanders that a referendum will be on the ballot Election Day. It will be a vote on whether to have a 6th Constitutional Convention or not. Perhaps it makes more sense to amend the Revised Organic Act of 1954
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The Territory’s Financial Instability Requires a Comprehensive Plan

Kent E. Bernier Sr. reviews the tasks that lie ahead for the Virgin Islands Government to find a way to navigate the fiscal emergency the territory is in, including the Matching Fund Securitization Corporation and the pandemic

Letter to the Editor: GRUFF Objects to Bill No. 33-0363

Government Retirees United for Fairness Inc. (GRUFF) writes an open letter to the Senate about significant concerns regarding Bill No. 33-0363, the Matching Fund Securitization Corporation and other matters.