Cinnamon Bay Campground Closed for the Season


From the Virgin Islands National Park [hr gap=”1″]

VI NPS LogoThe Cinnamon Bay Campground is closed for the season, and will reopen under the management of Redwood Parks Company on November 1st, 2016. Parking and beach access will continue, but electrical, water, and other upgrades will result in the the closure of many facilities. Water will be shut off beginning September 6th while cisterns are cleaned and re-sealed. Bathrooms will be closed and showers will not be available, but temporary toilets will be placed near the bathhouse next to the beach entrance. Caneel Bay Resort (the previous concessionaire) is upgrading the electrical system. Beginning October 1st, Redwood Parks Company will start improvements to the restaurant and tent sites.

Trash pickup will be limited during this time, so please, take away with you anything you bring in. Pack it in, pack it out! Visit or their Facebook page for your park news.


  1. What I find most disturbing is that employees at Cinnamon & Trunk face layoffs…THIS is their way of life…an expensive life living in the VI….Accommodations should be made in the future so these people are not displaced when managment turnovers occur and this should be a responsibility of the management & the VINP…and….where have the periodic inspections been so the impact of this vast renovation could have been avoided with things being done all along the way….IF managment companies cannot afford to keep park properties up,with funds set aside for that… they should not be allowed to bid on the management ……This campground was designed to ensure that people who could not afford Caneel Bay had some place to stay, eat and play…….Just where do they go now? This revenue is lost for this summer and season for the management company and for the island businesses…..