Cockayne Classmate Encourages Family To Stay Strong

Dear Jeanie Cockayne,

I just read your last e-mail and I just have to tell you that you have been such a warrior through all of this bogus police “work.” It reminds me exactly of Jamie. It’s evident where he got his determination from. Even after all the setbacks he endured along the way, he would always take the hit and bounce right back up again, and that’s exactly what you guys have done this whole time. After every setback with the local police, you guys just keep coming back and fighting every time.

Jeff just sent me a text message saying they only set bail at $75,000 which is absolute bulls**t, but once again I know you guys will find ways to overcome it and keep fighting. I still cry every day because I won’t get to see Jamie again, but I know Jamie is watching you down here going to war for him and he is smiling and beaming with pride because that’s what Jamie was all about.

I just wanted to check in and say hi and tell you guys to keep being strong because it makes me so happy to hear you on TV fighting for what’s right and for him. You have all the help and support in the world.

Much Love,
Kyle Farthing