Please Do the Right Thing


Do real journalistic investigation. The police force on St. Thomas/St. John is corrupt through and through. I visited the islands this summer.

I recently was assaulted in July by bad policemen on drugs in Magen’s Bay. I was told I or my family would be harmed. No alcohol/drugs were involved in any way. Just a family at a beach.

I was thrown into a car and assaulted for absolutely no reason but race and that I was white. The policeman kept saying that because I was from California they hated us due to “Rodney King.” Whatever that meant.

Others in my group who witnessed the incident at Magen’s Bay have told that story to hundreds and insisted that the USVI is a bad place and that Mexico is a better tourist destination.

They have called the cruise lines to have them re-evaluate the destination as a port of call.

The USVI will eventually lose its tourist appeal if this continues. The murder is further evidence of the lawlessness in the so-called paradise.

Mike Feeney