Cockayne Family Happy with Arrest, Seek Protection

Dear Editor,

We are very happy an arrest has finally been made in the murder of  our son.

We believe the Commissioner, James McCall, has done his very best in a very difficult situation. Yesterday we met with Poole-Davis, Foy, Mr. Jenkins, Ms. Gumbs and the Commissioner.

We thought we were going to receive some long awaited information regarding the  murder of our son Jamie. You can imagine my surprise when, what we  walked into felt like a trip to the principles office for  misbehaving.

We were taken to task for going to the stateside media.  We were told that we have ruined any chance of getting a fair jury  because the trial will be in St Thomas and because of the media  attention, potential jurors have been tainted. We listened patiently  for a good ten minutes.

Please understand we did not want to go to the stateside media. We only did that more than four weeks after  Jamie’s murder because we were notified of a witness being  threatened. It was a last resort for us. We didn’t go to the media  until we exhausted ourselves trying to get some, any information from  law enforcement. We didn’t go to the media when we found out who the  killers were.

Everyone on this island has been talking about this kid “Sixpack” since the day after the murder. Now we can only hope that this punk is put away for life so no one else loses a loved one because he is not convicted. An arrest is the first step and we are still holding our breath.

The point has been missed. We believe St. John to be a beautiful island and we believe law and order should be restored.

So, for now, we don’t ask for Justice for Jamie, we ask for Justice for St. John.

Jean Gilligan Cockayne
P.S. Just learned that my husband and Sean were in an altercation in Cruz Bay.

Here is the story:
Bill and Sean were doing some errands in town when the car that was used as a getaway car was seen following them. Needless to say, they were freaked.  

After doing some errands, they drove by the car ferry parking lot and spotted the car again. They left to tell the police and the commissioner. On the  way they ran into the two CNN reporters and told them about the car.  

The reporters asked to be taken to the car and Sean and Bill took them. When they got to the car the reporters asked if they could film it and the license plate. While filming, a supposed owner came and  aid to stop. They stopped and left. The woman (owner?) got in the getaway car and followed Bill, Sean and the CNN guys.

When they got to Slimman’s parking lot the crazy lady blocked them in and would not let them leave.Sean had already called McCall about the car and the FBI. They also called the police, I think.

The woman called her brother, big guy 6’5”, 300 pounds easy. The lady’s brother arrived before the police! He threatened the reporters with physical harm and  the woman for some reason began yelling, “that kid was a drug addict and crackhead.”


The police finally arrived and promptly let the crazy woman leave with the getaway car?

The CNN reporters have now fled St. John. No  kidding, they were really freaked. One of them spent time in Iraq and he was still freaked!

We have no protection from these people and  have asked for the commissioner to find us a safe place to stay. He has said he will give us police protection. We will see.

This will be the second time we have been chased off St. John in fear of our lives. What the heck are they waiting for? Why don’t they get the car before  someone gets it off island?

What is going on, this is crazy.