Roommate Claims Police Seek Innocent Men

Dear Mrs. Cockayne
and members of the St. John Community,

My name is Luke McCain and I have resided on St. John for four years now and resided with my mother in Tortola for years before I made my move to St. John. I am originally from Pennsylvania.
This crime was not a racial or hate crime.

Your son would get completely drunk and get into confrontations with people of every race. He came up to me and my friends one night and started yelling in our faces. I believe we did the right thing by ignoring him, but, alas, I had seen him in many confrontations throughout Cruz Bay, unfortunately.

In all the years I have been living down here I have never received a comment or been confronted about my race or anything else for that matter.

It is very unfortunate that he was murdered. But now the police are trying to arrest two innocent men. How do I know you ask? One of them is my roommate and the other is a friend.

After reading the police blogs and all the letters about this I am upset. I was home all that night and my roommate was home well before the murder and my friend was with fellow friends outside of Cruz Bay at the beach.

Investigations do take time, especially in a small place like this with an under tasked police force.
I am sorry for the grief you are undergoing and I am sure many other members of the community are as well. But please do not have innocent people put in jail.  

Luke McCain