Cockayne’s Mom Pleads for Response from deJongh

Dear Governor,

It has been over six weeks since my son’s brutal murder on the streets of Cruz Bay, St. John and still absolutely no information from your government.

I hope there is an investigation into the investigation. I think you will find that your officers casually interviewed a few people the night/morning of Jamie’s murder. I think you will find after that they did little or nothing to arrest these murderers.

It was our hope that you would come to your senses and ask the Federal Government to assume this investigation, especially now since there have been at least two and maybe more murders in your territory since Jamie’s murder — an ATM worker and someone

from your staff. One was stabbed and one was shot several times and stuffed into the trunk of his car.

Obviously, the territory is out of control.

This investigation has been bungled from the beginning and we fear these criminals will go unpunished due to the ineptitude of your police force.

What will it take for you to contact us, to help us? How can you continue to ignore us and this horrific situation?

Jean Gilligan Cockayne