Find Justice for Law-Abiding USVI Residents

Dear Governor deJongh,

I am one of Jamie Cockayne’s aunts. I live in Malvern, Pennsylvania and have traveled to the USVI.

I have been following this case very closely as I have a very special personal relationship with the family. I watched Jamie grow up and develop into a polite and caring individual. He was about to embark on a new chapter in his life and was very excited to get on with it.

Jamie’s life was snuffed out very violently within a stone’s throw of the police station. I am appalled that with several calls for help on his behalf the police were too busy to stop a young white boy from being attacked. Is it because he was white? Is there some other reason they could not come to his aid?

Why was important evidence disregarded or destroyed? Is the USVI police department unable to pursue an investigation or do they choose not to? Why has the getaway car still been seen around town and not impounded?

I do not understand why we do not have a federal agency taking over the investigation of this case. If the local police can not do the job someone else needs to step in and punish these murderers.

The USVI is a territory of the United States. There are many law-abiding people who live in the islands and who have businesses there. It is time to clean up this mess and have justice served.

Kindly step in and help us find justice. It is in the interest of all the law abiding citizens who live within the islands and those who come to visit and spend their hard earned money.

Eileen Gilligan Mullray
Malvern, PA and Key Largo, FL