Cockaynes Address V.I. Attorney General Frazer

Mr. Frazer,

We have continually shared all our information with your government. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars in order to acquire information regarding the murder of our son/brother. Your government has refused us even a minimum of decorum.

We have begun to receive emails and phone calls from many other victims of the V.I. Police/Justice Department. These victims are only waiting for someone to stand up for them and it appears I am going to be that person. You may ask why and I can tell you. We all deserve the minimum of protection from our police department and I can tell you I already have heard from several victims and they are all ready to hop on board for an exposure so wide spread it will be larger than Fountain Valley.

We all know how Fountain Valley affected St. Croix, just wait and see what happens when belongers and tourists stand up together.

Until now your government has counted on victims (tourists) leaving and wanting to forget and not showing up for court. Well, you can forget about that happening again. You have counted on victims being intimidated and belongers being afraid to come forward. You can forget about intimidating witnesses. We are making sure all witnesses will be protected by the FBI. Once we give the FBI our witnesses and victim names they are then responsible for their protection.

They may not like that job, never the less, once we have passed on a name, the FBI is then responsible for their safety.

So, you can continue to pretend you are actually investigating Jamie’s murder and the murder of a 28-year-old on St. Croix whose murderers are well-known but are still free and the muggings and rapes. We have more information. Did you actually think we would share all we have with you or anyone else? You cannot hide from us or the rest of the population of the Virgin Islands.

Charlotte Poole-Davis? Who is she and why does she have the position she holds? I have requested her credentials and for some reason that was considered a slight, why would that be? As we hear from victims her name appears in a not very flattering way. I may go so far as to say, people like her perpetuate the impression of nepotism, bigotry and in-breeding for which the V.I. is so famous. Oh gee I said the unforgivable, I speak the truth. Shame on me.

Possibly you and Kenny Chesney are the few people that have yet to realize the pervasive corruption in the USVI mainly because everyone there is either connected by family or money. Oh gee I speak the words no one else is brave enough to speak.

I have listened to mothers cry, workers simply going home from work and being attacked, tourists beaten with no police investigation. I can tell you all we have explosive testimony regarding the VIPD. Who needs Serpico when the people rise up for themselves?

Mr. Frazer, it is no longer a time for “greetings,” it is a time for action. Two simple questions — where is my son’s baseball cap and why haven’t you picked up the car?

Again victims, my phone number is 215-862-1142, and my email is Write me, call me, tell me your story. We need to fight together and together we will win. Don’t bother calling the police hotline, no one ever answers. I try to answer every call; sometimes I just need to rest. Have any of you ever read “The Giver”? Let me be your giver, let me try to get justice for you and Jamie. It is a heavy burden but we together will prevail. Together we can make a change, together.

As you can see this letter is addressed to you, however it will reach hundreds if not thousands of people. Where is Jamie’s cap? Why haven’t you picked up the car? I can’t do your job for you or I would, gladly. All of us residents and visitors alike deserve justice, whether it is for a break-in (very common). Viva Vacations was named as Selmo Boston’s employer. I wrote to them to verify his employment. I can guess the court and VIPD never bothered. Viva never responded to my inquiry. Possibly perjury can be added to the list of crimes of which Selmo has been accused? Did anyone check on his place of employment? I doubt it.

Am I angry? You bet.
Jeanie Cockayne