Cockayne Questions AGs Office

Good Morning Ms. Davis
and Mr. Frazer,

I have been researching news archives and wonder if there was ever any resolution to the murder of Alvin Dubois, other than the murderer who ended up in the hospital — Roebuck, I think, is his name. Can this be true? Broad daylight, four killers and the only one apprehended was a crippled perpetrator? Kinda embarrassing to think if this creep hadn’t been shot by his victim he too would have gotten away.

How can you people sleep at night? I cannot tell you how news of this type crushes my chest, and sometimes I become so upset I can’t breath. To read the articles is painful. This same punk was jailed for how long for robbing a judge and his wife and never spent any time in jail for murder? So what if he is a cripple? He is a cripple because he murdered a fine young man, an asset to your community. How do you repay this wonderful son and brother? You let his killers stay free on the streets. Again, I ask how can you sleep at night?

When I think of this young man’s wonderful mother I want to embrace her and comfort her. I think it has been two years since this senseless murder and no one is in jail. Do I have that right?

I know and you know and everyone knows who killed that upstanding young man. I ask why is it you continue to fail so miserably at your professions? How can you ignore the pleas of your citizens for information and justice?

We Cockaynes have known for weeks that there was no investigation being conducted into the murder of our son/brother. Small bits of information are seeping through the cracks. I will not allow you to continue stonewalling and intentionally losing evidence, ignoring the rights of USVI citizens. What will it take to involve the FBI? Don’t start with me about how the FBI is on the case, don’t even go there.

There are a multitude of unsolved crimes and the governor flies to New York to be at some cooked up tourism promotion. What is more important, safety or promoting an unsafe destination? I will be contacting the Yankees and protesting their involvement of promoting a vacation destination that cannot and/or will not protect the citizens and tourists in the USVI.

This is the time to start putting criminals away, please, things cannot continue as they have been forever. Is the Dubois murder still under investigation? Has there been a trial? Do you still want to be hearing from me in two years? I think it would be better to do your job!

Where is my son’s baseball cap? Why haven’t you picked up the car? Have you done a search on the license plate provided to you well over a month ago? Who owns that car, is it a friend or relative? What else are we supposed to believe? It is insane for you to think you can continue to treat us in this rude and disrespectful way.

I sometimes feel as though I am communicating with a spoiled child. “I don’t want to do my job and you can’t make me,” is that what you are saying by ignoring our continuous pleas for justice for Jamie?

The more I learn of the incompetence and downright ignorance Virgin Islanders are faced with daily, the more determined I get — my resolve deepens. I give you time, waiting, waiting, hoping to hear something and I hear nothing!

To think I am continuing to fight for rights afforded me and all citizens because of the people that get away with doing nothing, is driving me crazy.
Can you answer me one question, did the crippled murderer ever spend time in jail, has there been a trial?

Jeanie Cockayne

I have contacted the Yankee organization and will ask everyone we know to do the same.