Cockayne’s Mother Writes to Gov.

Dear Governor,                                                                                                                                      8:45 a.m., July 17

It has been four weeks since my son was murdered in Cruz Bay. As I sit here, I wonder why I haven’t received a condolence visit or call from you. This is such a small community one would think some contact would be appropriate.

As I know you are aware my family has had no information at all, nothing, zip, from your administration, beginning with your commissioner right down to the cop on the street.

We have been pushed off from Lema to McCall, from McCall to Foy, Foy to Carty, From Carty to Poole-Davis. Still zero information. We can’t help but wonder if they are even trying to find my son’s murderer. It appears no arrests will be made unless you step up and ask for the federal authorities to help.

I know you are under staffed and I know you just received approval for 300 additional police. It would be the right thing for you to do.

Asking for help can be a sign of strength not weakness, I implore you to reach out on behalf of my baby boy. My son who had just turned 21 years old, my son who had a bright future ahead of him.

Governor, I know you have children, if it was your son how would you feel? Would it be acceptable to you if no one in your government would speak to you about anything?

Please help us, I am drowning in sorrow.
Jean Gilligan Cockayne