Cockayne’s Pleas Not Answered

Dear Governor,

It is 9 p.m. July 19 and I have not received a call or e-mail from you. Tonight I found out that we are being forced out of the home we are staying because the murderers are looking for us and our landlord fears for his property and our lives.
Yesterday I ran into Officer Phipps in the Marketplace and expressed my concerns for my safety. I have been warned repeatedly by different people that these guys are crazy mean and I should be worried. However Officer Phipps assured me I was perfectly safe and the officer with him told me I should not leave. So what is it governor? What will you do if these butchers kill me?

As you can see this correspondence is being sent to a local paper.

Tomorrow this correspondence will be on the internet and international TV. I am no longer waiting for someone, anyone, in your administration to communicate with me. I may meet my maker tonight because you and your employees have shared my address with the killers. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

None of the citizens of St. John deserve to live in an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. The racial hatred down here by the few is like a cancer. You have the power to make it change, do you have the strength?

If the value of my son’s death or my apparent imminent death turns him/me into  martyrs I only hope at that point you choose to address the officer who did not respond the night my son was being murdered or the officer that ordered the crime scene hosed down before the major crime division arrived at the scene or the officer that did not retrieve the tape from the camera outside the The Front Yard. Can you tell me why when the officer finally arrived on the scene he did not go to my son to administer to his wounds, he WALKED to Jamie’s car? Need I go on? By the way personal items were removed from the car once it was in police custody.

I tried to be patient and I tried to be forgiving. With just a little cooperation this matter could have been handled in days. As it stands now, my life is in danger and the murderers are running free. I am requesting police protection as of now. 

This is not over. If I have to return to the states because this is a war zone do not think for a New York minute that this is over.

Thursday morning we spent the night waiting to be killed and ran as fast as we could off your island. Still this is not over.

Jean Gilligan Cockayne