Coldren Thanked for Expertise and Professionalism


I found the comments recorded by Tradewinds by Attorney Brion Morrisette in regards to “Sharon Coldren and her cadre” “interesting.”

I consider Brion a long-time friend and good community citizen.

I also recently became a CBCC board member with Sharon Coldren as president. Why?

Because I have been so impressed for the last few years with the incredible dediction that this woman has to St. John, esp. Coral Bay!

Sharon could easily be paid a good salary for the amount of work that she does. Her vast background in education is based on community development as well!

She does it willingly for nothing because she cares about our island.

I watch her organizing citizens who are totally frustrated with the poor planning through the years that have put our island in the “mess” that it is in.

She writes numerous letters; questions developemental plans; and makes herself available for any/all meetings that affect our quality of life on St. John.

I, personally, feel that St. John has been blessed to have Sharon Coldren “question authority.” SOMEBODY has to!

I respectfully remind others that only GOOD, well-thought out planning, with the concept of “how does everybody win” with these developments, needs to be addressed.

All builders/project planners should also care about being questioned about their planning. It is healthy to look at all consequences of a major project for the betterment of St. John!

As a long-time citizen, I personally thank you Sharon for all that you do in your role. Our island needs both your expertise and professionalism.

Bonny Corbeil