Community-oriented Doug Sica Remembered

Dear Tradewinds,

I would like to take this opportunity to add my words to the many that have been written and spoken about the passing of our dear friend, Doug Sica.

I’ve had the great good fortune to know Doug for over 20 years. I’ve replayed the many fun times, hilarity and great conversations we’ve shared in my mind since he left us. But that’s not what I’ll remember him for.

Through the years as a KATS (Kids And The Sea) volunteer and also as a member of the Coral Bay Yacht Club, I’ve come to think of Skinny Legs as the boating community’s clubhouse. Doug (and Moe) welcome us all to use Skinny’s for both of these organizations’ regular meetings.

Every time KATS has had a regatta, a fundraiser, a graduation or a picnic, Skinny’s and its proprietors have provided food, beverages and whatever else needed to make it happen.

The Coral Bay Yacht Club’s annual flotilla and its Thanksgiving Regatta would never be so wildly successful if not for the auspices of Doug and Moe.

I will always remember Doug as one of the two most giving people on this island. He truly understood the secret of St. John. We are one of those rare places that look after its own. That’s the point. Doug to me embodies that spirit. It’s his legacy to us all. We who have been the happy recipients of his largess or the vessels to give it to others need to understand this one thing: we keep his spirit alive here by embracing his love of good works and generosity. Every time I give I will think of Doug. Every time I volunteer I will remember that he had much more fun giving than receiving.

Lucky us — we live on this little island where our actions CAN make a difference. He knew that and he challenges us now.

Carry on and sit up straight.

Vicki Rogers
KATS St. John
Coral Bay Yacht Club

P.S. The other most giving person? His buddy, Moe.