Contact USPS to Keep St. John Postal Workers


Please help. We can at least try! We are losing three Postal employees in St. John. They are not being replaced. If you would like to communicate about this, here are some addresses. Ms. Jackie and Ms. Vivica, I will miss your help!

All the following can be reached at this address:
U.S. Postal Service
585 Avda. Franklin Roosevelt
Suite **
San Juan, PR 00936-****
Priscilla M. Maney, District Manager
Suite 201
San Juan, PR 00936 – 9991
[email protected]
Juan Paz, Mgr. Post Office Operations
Suite 217/SJ, PR 00936-9992
[email protected]
Elizabeth Rivera,
Bureau Postal Investigations Team
Suite 200/ SJ, PR 00936-9900
[email protected]
Keith Richard, Asst. Mgr. Labor Relations
Suite 200/ SJ, PR 00936-9900
[email protected]

Judith Kane