Victim’s Advocate Programs Available in the USVI


Victim’s Advocate Programs are Available in the United States Virgin Island

The Virgin Islands Victim’s/Witness Advocate programs assist hundreds of victims each year on all three islands. They assist victims regardless of sex, race, age, income, religion and socio economic status. Other services victim advocates provide are police reports, restraining orders and court assistance.  

One of the primary responsibilities of a victim’s advocate is to act as a liaison for the victim with law enforcement, court and other social service agencies. Services provided are of no charge to the victim. Victim/Witness advocates are hardworking, dedicated individuals who display compassion and understanding in their job.

If you or someone you know needs victim’s assistance you may contact:
— St. John Community Crisis Center – St. John -693-7233

— The Family Resource Center – St. Thomas/St. John-773-9272

— The Women’s Coalition- St. Croix-776-6400

— Virgin Island Police Department Victim /Witness Advocate

— Leslye Webb – St. Thomas/St. John -643-0295

— Ms. Ninafe Girron-St. Croix -690-0700

— United States Attorney Victim/Witness Advocate

— Antoinette James- 773-3920

— Department of Human Services- Intake and Emergency Services at 774-0930- ext. 4264 or 4265 (St. Thomas),776-6334 (St. John), 773-2323 ext 2055 or 2059

(St. Croix). Ask for Intake.
Shelley Williams, Director
St. John Community Crisis Center