Crucian Christmas Festival Adult Parades 2014 to 2017: A Look Back in Visuals

The Adult Parades have been the big and almost final event of the Crucian Christmas Festival season. All festivities are now held in Frederiksted although Covid-19 has stopped them for two years.

Many beautiful, colorful, and cultural groups, floats and bands help make up these joyful events. The sounds of steel pans ring out as people dance to the rhythms. Moko Jumbies, high up on stilts, bring smiles to young and old alike. In 2017, a group from Vieques brought a Latin beat as well as multiple bright and charming costumes to join in the fun.

Building back continues. Maybe next year the full festival will return. For now, who do you see? Maybe Kurt Vialet? Or Donna Christensen? Perhaps friends and family. Enjoy the memories.