Cruz Bay Restroom Renovations Backed-up

Sheets of plywood have been erected, above.

Renovations to the Cruz Bay public restrooms in the U.S. Customs parking lot continue well past the project’s February 19 deadline, with no word from Department of Public Works on what is causing the delay or whether the renovations will be completed in time for carnival.

The restrooms are being renovated by Public Works Division of Construction, Department of Public Works St. John Deputy Director Ira Wade previously told the St. John Tradewinds. Construction began on the restrooms in September 2006 — nearly a year after Wade hoped they would begin, he explained at the time.

Once underway, the renovations were scheduled to be completed by November 2006, but due to delays caused by Gover-nor John deJongh’s inauguration festivities and unforeseen problems, the deadline was rescheduled for February 19.

Unforeseen Problems
The project’s plumber was ill for some time, and problems discovered during construction included rotted counters and corrosion to light fixtures, Wade explained.

“A couple of the platforms for the sinks are going to have to be rebuilt, because as we removed the Formica, we found they’ve been infiltrated with water,” Wade told St. John Tradewinds in January. “Some of the light fixtures have corroded to the point that it would be unsafe to leave them up, so we’re replacing those outside light fixtures.”

The restrooms have remained open to the public during the renovations, and the installation of automatic flushing toilets has prevented stoppages, explained Wade.

“We haven’t had any stoppages since we put in the new automatic flushing toilets,” he said. “We just ask the people as we continue to upgrade to please respect and protect the restrooms.”

Now, nearly three months past the most recent deadline of February 19, the renovations continue. The men’s restroom has been closed for several weeks, while the women’s restroom’s four stalls are divided in the middle by sheets of wood with large gaps, offering little privacy, to provide facilities for both men and women.

Wade did not return repeated calls from St. John Tradewinds requesting information on the reason for the continued delay.