Starfish Market Offering Incentive to Elementary School Student Scholars

St. John elementary school students have another incentive to excel in school this marking period – gift certificates from Starfish Market.

Students in kindergarten through sixth grade at all St. John schools who make the honor roll in the fourth marking period will be rewarded with a $5 gift certificate to Starfish Market, explained store manager Nedra Ephraim.

“I came up with this idea from the last issue of the Tradewinds and by talking to (The Marketplace general manager) Debbie Marsh whose daughter attends Guy Benjamin School,” said Ephraim. “We were looking for ways to reward the kids for making the honor roll. Anything that gives the kids incentive to do well in school is worth it.”

The gift certificates can only be redeemed by the students who make the honor roll, not their parents or guardians, Ephraim added.

The Starfish manager remembers similar incentive programs which prompted her to succeed in school, explained Ephraim.

“When I was younger we had programs like this to get kids studying more,” she said. “It works because you have something at the end for doing well. The kids can come in and pick out the products they want and walk out  with them.”

“It will be something tangible for them to see they were rewarded for a good job,” Ephraim added.

Ronnie’s Pizza and Subway previously sponsored honor roll incentive programs this year for elementary school students.