Cruz Bay’s Public Restrooms Open

The only public restrooms on island are finally open after the much-delayed renovations, which are continuing.

Renovations to the Cruz Bay public restrooms are 85 percent complete and both the men’s and women’s sides are open, just in time for last weekend’s Pan-o-rama.

The restrooms have been under construction since last September. Problems have plagued the renovations, explained Department of Public Works St. John Deputy Director Ira Wade.

“We ran into some real big problems — problems that were not visible on the surface,” said Wade. 

Finishing touches still need to be put on the restrooms, but the bulk of the work has been completed, according to Wade.

Despite the problems DPW ran into during the renovations, the Cruz Bay public restrooms now look better than ever, explained Wade.


Both Men and Women sides are open.


Men’s and Women’s Sides Open
“Both sides are open, and although we still have some work that has to be done, we have the big show tomorrow, so we decided to go ahead and open,” Wade said on Friday afternoon, June 1. “We still have some tiling and stuff that needs to be done, but that will be done in time. The facility is officially open, and I can assure you it looks better than I ever remember.”