Need a Limo? Call Slimo

Bernard “Slimman” Wesselhoft Offering Limo Service

Slimo’s Limo’s 1997 Lincoln stretch limo and sharply dressed “Slimman” are turning heads across the island.

Transportation on St. John just got a little classier, thanks to Slimo’s Limo Service.

Somewhere in between his full time job with the V.I. National Park and managing his Cruz Bay parking lot, Bernard “Slimman” Wesselhoft found the time to start up a limo service, featuring a white stretch limo and a six-seater van.

The local entrepreneur came up with the idea to start the service during his days as a musician with the Paradise People, he explained.

“We played at a lot of weddings, and I saw the service was needed,” said Wesselhoft. “A couple local wedding coordinators also encouraged me. This is something I planned a long time ago, and once the parking lot started doing well, that gave me the green light to move forward.”

Passengers shouldn’t worry about whether the stretch limo can handle the island’s curvy, hilly roads, explained Wesselhoft.

Limo Braves Trunk Bay Switchback
“It handles very well,” he said. “Everyone asks me how I turn corners, and I tell them to just sit back, relax and leave the driving to me.”

The 1997 Lincoln does indeed seem to hug the island’s curves, and the plush leather seats, with room for eight, offer a soft and smooth ride.

Wesselhoft has even braved the Trunk Bay switchback, and has been out to Coral Bay and back with the limo at full capacity.

“I take my own personal car out first to get an idea of where I’ll be going and where I can turn around and back up,” he said. “I just take it light and honk the horn. If VITRAN can do it, I can do it.”

Wesselhoft also possesses excellent maneuvering skills thanks to plenty of practice shuffling the cars at his parking lot, he added.

After spending some time shopping online, Wesselhoft found the limo he wanted in Cocoa, Florida, and he made a trip up to the states to test drive it.

“Original Limo”
Wesselhoft found the limo service’s six seater van, which has been outfitted with a TV and full bar, on St. John.
The local entrepreneur opted for a traditional stretch limo rather than a newer SUV limo because of its visual appeal, Wesselhoft explained.

“I wanted a stretch limo because that’s the way they first came out,” he said. “This is the original limo. It really catches your eye.”

Wesselhoft went back to his roots when he started the limo company, he explained.

“My first job was as a chauffeur for the elderly,” said Wesselhoft. “I like telling people about the island and showing them around. Driving is in my blood.”

Wesselhoft and the limo service’s other two drivers are available any time for any event.

“We can do island tours, or we’ll take you to town or Coral Bay for dinner,” said Wesselhoft. “We can do birthday parties, prom, whatever — we’re here for hire.”

Need a Limo? Call Slimo
Slimo’s Limo Service has provided transportation for four weddings so far, and Wesselhoft is “looking forward to lots more,” he said.

Wesselhoft has even come up with his own slogan — “Need a limo? Call Slimo.”

The slogan was thought up, surprisingly, during the process of obtaining a license plate for the limo.

“I was applying for a personalized license plate, and I wanted ‘S-LIMO,’” he said. “I had to list a few other alternatives just in case the one I wanted wasn’t available, and I came up with NALCS — need a limo, call Slimo.”

As if Wesselhoft isn’t busy enough, he’s got another project in the works, but he’s keeping quiet about this one.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for the sleek white stretch limo with the license plate S-LIMO, and the six-seater van with the license plate NALCS. Call 714-SLIM for rates, or for more information.