Division of Real Property Tax to Reduce Services Temporarily

Brent Leerdam, a tax collector with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, testifies before the Senate. (Legislature photo)

Lt. Gov. Tregenza A. Roach Esq. advises the public of the temporary reduction in service offered by the Division of Real Property Tax. The Office of the Lieutenant Governor recognizes the need of these services for realtors, members of the Virgin Islands Bar, all courts of the Virgin Islands and land surveyors, and he apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

The temporary reduction in service is to accommodate the transition from the current operational system to a new and improved billing and collection system for the Division of Real Property Tax. As a result, online services offered by the division, as well as some services requiring electronic processing and review, will not be available during the period of May 16 through May 31.

In an effort to assist property owners during the transition period, the public is advised that the amnesty period, which was scheduled to expire on Monday, May 16, is now extended to Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

For additional information or assistance, contact the Office of the Lieutenant Governor at 773-6449 for the St. Croix District or 774-2991 for the St. Thomas/St. John District.