DLCA, Office of Cannabis Regulation Warns Consumers About Sharing Private Information

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The Virgin Islands Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs (DLCA) reminds consumers to protect themselves before sharing personal information and ask that they do not engage businesses that claim to supersede established licensing procedures.

DLCA’s Office of Cannabis Regulation (OCR), recently received information on counterfeit documents in which sensitive information was given. Sharing sensitive information such as addresses, phone numbers, health history, identification, social security numbers, passport information, photographs, credit status, work history or other personal information is risky and should be avoided.

Persons engaging with businesses exclusively on social media should be extra cautious of misrepresentation or profiteering. Be aware and do not give money or personal information unless required for an official purpose. Bad actors can use this information to commit fraud, stalking, harassment or identity theft.

All information requested by the government shall be done so in an official manner in a way that protects the user’s identity. Please ensure that all personal information is on official documentation and submitted to the appropriate authority. The Office of Cannabis Regulation will notify the public when official cannabis applications are released. No one currently has the authority to issue certifications.

Persons with questions should contact the Office of Cannabis Regulation or the Virgin Islands Cannabis Advisory Board through Executive Director Hannah Carty at 714-9755 or via email at info.ocr@ocr.vi.gov.