DPNR Launches New Reporting App to Protect Natural Resources in Territory

DPNR’s app is live in both app stores. (Photo provided by Kristina Edwards)

Commissioner Jean-Pierre Oriol of the Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR) has announced the start of a new reporting app that allows users to submit anonymous tips about illegal or suspicious activity that could harm the Virgin Islands’ natural resources. The USVI DPNR Hotline is now available on the web and as an app on smartphones.

The public is encouraged to download the app “USVI DPNR Hotline” from the Apple App Store of the Android Google Play Store, which allows them to submit photos, videos, a description and the location of the activity in question. Once reported, an encoded line of communication is opened between the tipster and a DPNR representative that allows for a follow-up conversation. This reporting form is also available on the DPNR website at https://dpnr.vi.gov/home/dpnr-hotline/, which allows for the same functionality without the use of a smartphone.

Some examples of tips that could be submitted include building without permits, leaking chemicals, activities outside of the permitting zoning designations or construction sites without proper silt fences. If an individual is not sure if it’s a DPNR issue, send it anyway and DPNR will help make that determination.

DPNR is glad about the opportunities that this new software will offer the general public and coordination between the public and the divisions of DPNR. Within the first week of being active, it has already seen over 50 people download the app. It is hoped that the ease and anonymity will encourage more community members to have an open dialogue with the department and be more willing to submit tips about activities that are damaging to natural resources.

For more information, contact [email protected]