Francis Bay Fives Race Final Results

Last weekend’s Francis Bay Fives races hosted by the St. John Landsharks, saw a turnout of 50 runners, who competed in either a 5K or five-mile course.

The top winners were:
Kevin Chipman – 5K
Rebecca Reinbold – 5K
Beau Layton – 5-Mile
Sarah Swan – 5-Mile

The St. John Landsharks shared a special congratulations to the ten finishers under age 18 who completed the 5K.

The full race results can be found here.  Photos from the finish can be found here.
The race organizer would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their in-kind support and volunteer work: St. John Rescue, Jeff Miller, Cristina & Joe Kessler, Michelle McConville, Trish Stalter, Dave Worthington, Ranger Dave & VI NPS, Chirag Vyas, St. John Brewers and The Tap Room, Karen Baranowski, Surfer Gary, Anna Jaubert, Jason Wood & Health Warrior.
The next St. John Landsharks event is the Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving. Details can be found on their website, or their Facebook page.