GBS Principal Should be Replaced

Letter to the Editor of the Tradewinds:

The neglect of the Guy Benjamin School in Coral Bay, St. John has been unconscionable. Over the years, this school has been something in which the citizens of St. John have had great pride. This is no longer so.

I have had several personal experiences with Principal Margaret Bowers, and each time, I was left with the feeling that she has little or no interest in the school in which she works. I have never met a principal with less enthusiasm for her position, and I think it has taken a great toll on the morale of the teachers, children and parents. She should be an advocate for the community; and instead, I believe, she has become an adversary. She should be replaced as soon as possible.

The Department of Education should make it a priority to go in there and upgrade the facilities, and fix the problems. The private sector has tried to help, but without the Government’s support in keeping our schools in decent condition, it is a losing proposition.

I urge Governor Turnbull to visit and direct the restoration of this island gem to its former excellent standing. He should promptly get the Department of Education to appoint a new principal who is willing to spend five whole days a week on the premises until the physical plant is fixed and the quality of education and caring is returned.

Please, Senators and Governor. Do not leave our children behind. Words are cheap. You say our children are important. Now prove it!

Lonnie Willis
Citizen of St. John