Gifft Hill School Returns to School on September 5

The Class of 2019 and the rest of the Gifft Hill student body starts school on Wednesday, September 5 and will return to a campus that has been repaired and restored over the summer and a faculty eager to start a new school year.

“The caliber of teachers in this year’s faculty that includes eight newcomers, is impressive,” says Dr. Paul Johnson, Gifft Hill School’s Interim Head of School. “We look forward to an exciting, dynamic year of learning.”

After the turmoil of last year, the school is pleased to bring back some of Gifft Hill’s signature programs such as the EARTH partnership with Iowa State University; the Culinary Arts and Farm to Table program; Broadway Comes to St.John; STEAM classes across both campuses; College and Career Counseling, and Mini-mesters. In addition, the Early Learning Center is introducing a Spanish Immersion program for both preschool and pre-kindergarten students.

Gifft Hill School is committed to offering an innovative, quality education to all students irrespective of need. When school opens upwards of 80 percent of our 140 strong student body will be receiving some form of tuition assistance or scholarship funding.

Work was done over the summer to repair damage and refresh the facilities on both campuses. That work includes new fences, steps and railings, repairs to gutters and roofing, as well as classrooms painted, ceiling tiles replaced, and new fans installed. There are new shade structures and drainage on the Lower Campus playground and the greentop basketball court is back. The EARTH gardens on both campuses are now enclosed to keep out friendly chickens, deer and iguanas and are ready for planting.

Dr. Paul adds, “We will continue to repair our facilities as funds and time allow and we look forward to seeing the smiles on our students’ faces next week when they see the progress made in the classrooms over the summer!”

In 2017, the first day of school would have been September 5 and didn’t happen. This year, by coincidence, the first day of school is once again September 5. Gifft Hill School looks forward to a very different start to this school year. Founded in 1978, Gifft Hill School celebrates its’ 40th year in 2018. As a member of National Association of Independent Schools, this non-profit private school provides education to students in preschool through 12th grade on the island of St. John, US Virgin Islands.