Letter to the Editor: Luxury or Necessity

To Whom it May Concern at St. John Tradewinds:

I am writing in response to the recent articles concerning Love City Community Network. Their initial goal was to bring necessary communication to St. John via Wi-Fi. Several months later their ambitions grew in an attempt to provide Internet service island wide. LCCN became a for-profit non-profit enterprise providing Wi-Fi as a luxury rather than a necessity.

In my opinion, LCCN should be a silent organization active only in the event of emergencies. Property managers at site locations should be trained how to use the material to set up a network of communication in a disaster.

There are legal companies providing Internet access to St. Johnians. Some struggle for connectivity but that is part of what living on an island in the Caribbean is all about. Lest we forget there are people stateside who still cannot access Wi-Fi in rural areas. When did all the hype of saving LCCN so people can access Wi-Fi during non-emergencies take precedence over other crucial necessities?

Aren’t drinking water, nutritional food, and gasoline essentials over Wi-Fi? Instead of donating $55/month to LCCN can’t we donate to our education system or to a food program to support our youth? After all, a good education for our children will help determine the future of the island. Next time you go to donate money please ask yourself: What is in the best interest of the community, what are the essentials, and what can we live without?

Thank you,
Sarah Walker