Great Suggestion for New Post Office Site

To the Editor:

I was delighted to read Tom Oat’s suggestion that the U.S. Post Office building in the style of an historic great house be built in the center of Estate Enighed on a public square adjacent to the restored structure that now houses the Elaine Sprauve Library and Museum. He imagined a two-level parking garage under a handsome building which would be located behind St. Ursula’s Church and would stand on a vacant piece of land owned by the V.I. government.

It’s a brilliant concept I think, which would allow a multi-level parking garage topped by a much-needed Post Office (with perhaps even a second level of federal offices) to remain in the business center of Cruz Bay. At the same time, it would remove these buildings from the congestion of the commercial waterfront, allowing it to develop into an attractive gateway to our small community.

I strongly urge community leaders to consider the benefits of the idea. I’d like to add another thought to the proposal, one based on traffic solutions I’ve seen in other towns that are gateways to National Parks.

Imagine a fleet of small shuttles—running in a circle from the Municipal Parking area—simple, open, and perhaps run on electric power like those at Caneel Bay—carrying people through the business district and maybe even on into the National Park. Think how easy it would be for all of us to tend to business without having to shoulder our way through snarled traffic or walk up hills past streams of diesel-trucks.

And one last thought: when I hear that VITRAN is planning to run large buses across the North Shore Road into the National Park, I have to wonder why they won’t consider smaller vehicles which would more require less fuel and less space on the road. Small shuttles, running frequently, I think would better serve the spirit and the needs of our small island.

Paula Myles