Grumpy Complaint Leads to Peacefulness at Hawksnest

Letter to Editor:
I want to give thanks for the fact that I have not once heard the screaming of leaf-blowers at Hawksnest Bay since my grumpy complaint appeared on St. John Tradewinds’ editorial page a few weeks ago.

The park maintenance man who has always taken such pride in his care of that beach is now using just a rake to tidy up the walkways. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is grateful, not only for the well-kept area, but for the peace and quiet.

Our small island is so beset these days by noise and stress and change. Too often even our homes can’t provide the sanctuary we need. But on St. John we’re blessed to have these wild quiet green spaces where for just a short time each day, we can refresh our hearts and keep our minds focused on priorities.

These places relieve the stress we all live with…and it’s stress that kills us in a million different ways.

Name Withheld by Request