Homeowner Thankful for Coverage of House Fire

Dear Editor,
Thank you for the coverage of the fire at our house in Coral Bay. Too bad we never heard of it till this past week. Months after the fire! Our hearts are broken at the loss of our little “shack on the hill.”

Our only thankful thoughts are that no one was hurt, and all our neighbors were spared. The bigger issue is the need for road signs and house numbers, along with a 911 system. I have had to use it here in New York State for my mother. I can tell you all, it works!
If I can do anything, let me say to you all, I will help to find the answers you might need to get this done! Please, if there is anything needed for the lives of all St. John people, it is a 911 system. Road signs, house numbers. I will be glad to get answers here to help, if needed. For everyone’s safety on my beautiful, St. John.

We plan to rebuild, and we need to help any way we can to secure the safety of our new investment, the safety of the whole hillside and all of our island friends and neighbors. It will be our home soon! Long overdue!

Thank you again. If I can help, I’m here for all my friends and neighbors. I love St. John. It is like home.

Nancy Alfano