Hamling Bids Farewell to Bob Nose

Dear Father (Charles) Crespo,

Thank you (for notifying us of Bob Nose’s death). Word spread quickly on St. John Wednesday morning. Anna Nose called Connections in the early afternoon to be sure St. John knew of one of its legends passing.

When I told Anna how glad I was that Bob wasn’t suffering anymore, she said that Bob had been in a wheelchair — and how it wasn’t him. She sounded upbeat and grateful that he was done with bodily pain and suffering.

Bob was/is huge on St. John, and his tenancy will be felt by all of us who were blessed to know him — more inspiration for all of us to live each moment, to rejoice in and celebrate life.

Bob Nose, you will always be in my mind and heart! Thanks for being aboard St. John during your flight. What a great ride!

With love,
Cid Hamling