Harry Daniel Not Alone in Elections Challenge


I am an at large delegate to the Constitutional Convention. I believe that I speak for many when I say that we are eager to begin the process of drafting a Constitution for the Virgin Islands.

The court challenge to the special election is entirely necessary and appropriate, however. The media coverage of the challenge has clearly explained that St. John was denied the possibility of more than two delegates residing on St. John. This violated both the letter and the spirit of the law.

I am glad that Harry Daniel is pursuing this through the proper channels. But why does Mr. Daniel have to stand alone in these proceedings? He is not the only one who filed a complaint.

Bruce Fielding of St. John also filed a complaint alleging that the election was flawed, just like Mr. Daniel. He received a letter from the Board of Elections dated June 21, informing him that his complaint had not been accepted because of technicalities such as the lack of notarization. Mr. Fielding resubmitted his complaint on July 1. His properly prepared complaint was ignored.
He was denied due process, and Mr. Daniel was forced to stand alone against the Board of Elections.

Mr. Fielding was a candidate for the Constitutional Convention who resides on St. John, like Mr. Daniel. Unlike Mr. Daniel, who contends that he would have won a seat but for the Election Board’s error, Mr. Fielding merely wants to ensure the law is followed and St. John is represented.

Except for a brief, dismissive mention on talk radio by an Elections official, Mr. Fielding’s complaint has been ignored.
Meanwhile, Mr. Daniel has been forced to stand alone against the Board of Elections.

It is my hope that Mr. Fielding’s challenge will be included, that Mr. Daniel will receive speedy justice, and that we can all get to work on writing our Constitution.

Craig Barshinger, St. John
At Large Delegate, Constitutional Convention