Thank You to Children’s Village Volunteers


This year’s Children’s Carnival Village, co-sponsored by the St. John Community Foundation and the Rotary Club of St. John, was an amazing time for the children of St. John and for children visiting St. John from all over the world. Our “castle” was busy from opening to closing every day with children bouncing to their heart’s content. The children played our many games and won tokens which allowed them to go home with delightful prizes of their  choice.

This all happened because of the caring people here on St. John and St. Thomas who volunteered their time and energy to make this wonderful event happen. Special thanks goes to Lori and Andrew Barlas, who donated hours of their time again this year to insure that this event happened to give the children an alcohol free and drug free area to enjoy during the St. John Fourth of July Celebration. Thanks also to the following stars who took the time to arrange an evening of volunteers to run the Children’s Carnival Village: Lee Morris for the Middle Age Majorettes, Nedra Ephraim for Starfish Market, Debby Marsh for The Marketplace businesses, Tammy Pollock for the St. John Board of Realtors, Joan Bermingham for the Rotary Club of St. John and Lonnie Willis for St. John Community Foundation.

Volunteers who helped set up and run the activities were: Sharon Coldren, Kathy Hurley, Geri Kotas, Patrick Pearson, Chris Wegener, Alecia Wells, Bill Willigerod, Lee and Bill Morris, Martha and Gerry Hills, Livy and Tom Hitchcock, Marilyn Hunter, Adette Irish, Judy Kane, Sharon Porter, Karla Schatzer, Scott Barnett, Linda and George Stuckert, Douglas Thomson, Aime Trayser, Jane Washburn, Carol Wassel, Nedra Ephraim, Debby Marsh, Cyril Allen, Jabari Ryan, Glenn Cornelius, Lisa Etre, Ashaky Pereira, Calima Marsh, Christin Marsh, Edmund Rogers, Merrilyn Rogers, Rasean Rogers, Shira Rogers, Luz Marie Smith, Tammy Pollock, Keryn Bryan, Korin and Mac Dunford, Janet Foote, Lynn Giovanna, Sara Hall, Beth Jones, Hilarie Oliver, Christie O’Neil, Jane and Adam Thill, Jahreem, Shakeem Meade, Elsa and Chris Angel, Gemma Ashley, Bonny Corbeil, Jean Claxton, Melissa and Tim Goodwin, B.J. Harris and Tom Shirey, Lori and Trevor Piety and Patty and Tim Tacquard.

 Silver Star Volunteers who worked two or three nights were: Mary Blazine, Martha Hills, Ronnie Jones, Cristina and Joe Kessler, Jasmine Libert, Kristin Maize, Timmy Newton, Dave Prentice, Edmund Roberts, Leslie Smith and Anna Tuttle.

Gold Star Volunteers, who worked four or five nights and kept us going with their terrific energy: Lori and Andrew Barlas, Morgan Barlas, Craig Barshinger, Joan Bermingham, Paul Devine, Gary Emmons, Tim Jackson, Ronnie “Pizzamon,” Preston Pollock, and Isabel Smith.

Donations of money and/or goods were generously given by: St. John Accommodations Council, Baker Magras and Associates, Baked in the Sun, Caribbean Villas and Resorts Management, the Fish Trap Restaurant, Here to Grow Learning Center, Lime Inn Restaurant, Mixology Warehouse, Morgan’s Mango, Ronnie’s Pizza, St. John Hardware, St. John Ice Company, VIVA Villas Inc. and the Westin Resort.

Thanks to the organizations and people that gave us a helping hand: ABC Construction, Angel Electric, Andy Arnold, Joe Garza, Travis Stiles and the crew of Carlson Construction, Kidz Entertainment, Paul Pono, Public Works, Winston Smith from WAPA, and Rascio Oquendo from Public Works. Another special thank you goes to the crew of the V.I. Waste Management Authority. They were at our Village every evening, taking away the garbage and helping with the nightly tear-down. They were so pleasant and helpful, we want to acknowledge their hard work.

Thank you to all of you. We’ll see you next year!

Joan Bermingham, Chairperson
Children’s Carnival Village 2007