Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

Delrise Varlack at Sally’s fashion show.

Thank you DPNR for standing behind the St. Johnians who do NOT want their island ruined. No nine stories and no four stories. Follow the suggestions of the Island Green Building Association—they want the best for St. John.

Gym in Paradise Is Ideal Spot To Develop Energy
When it comes time to battle the developers, those of us who lift weights and build muscles will lead the protest march. No more out-of-place condos. This destructive force has to stop.

Just because St. John is one of the most beautiful islands in the world doesn’t mean that opportunists with exaggerated ideas about “development” should be allowed to line their pockets while, at the same time, they are destroying the very essence of what attracted them in the first place.

St. John Hardware Sells E-Z Reacher
Make it easy on yourself. As you join forces with those who are eliminating trash from the island, just pick up this handy tool at The Marketplace. No more bending over, just snap, click and fill your trash bag.

Sally’s Fashion Show
Carlie Powell’s Paradise People set the scene with their rhythms while lovely models (local ladies and gentlemen) excited the audience with Sally’s latest fashions. Those four-inch spikes were perfect with Delrise’s gorgeous red evening dress.

It was a bright Easter afternoon with Carlie’s music wafting out over the village, meeting up with the Jazz Islanders’ tunes from The Beach Bar.

Eric Provost and Amin Gumbs sat in with Steve Simon’s band after the fashion show. These two young musicians were pretty wonderful—Eric has one of those voices that you could listen to for hours and Amin is an accomplished drummer.

Sally Varlack is the owner of Sally’s, an attractive clothing and accessory shop in the area that also features Gifts of Indulgence, Pink Papaya and the Lime Inn.