Hold Sirenusa Responsible

Ms. Marjorie Emmanuel
Director, CCZP
Dear Ms. Emmanuel:

I write in opposition to Mr. Carlos Marzano’s request on behalf of Enighed Condominiums, LLC for a zoning change affecting the Sirenusa development. I agree with those who spoke at the recent hearing regarding the negative effect this development has already had upon St. John’s overtaxed infrastructure, and fear what would happen were they permitted to increase the size of their development. Indeed, what would most benefit the island would be to (1) require them to tear down anything that is currently in violation of what they were originally permitted to do, (2) require them to repair at their own cost any damages their construction work has done to the properties of their abutters and to the infrastructure, and, (3) fine them heavily for the damages they have created to the abutting and community property.

Beyond the problems created by Sirenusa, St. John’s building boom has reached a point where it is a threat to island’s quality of life. Serious thought needs to be given to a moratorium on further development until detailed and extensive plans are made to ensure the infrastructure is upgraded to accommodate it. Overcrowded roads, over taxed medical, police and fire services and inadequate schools are only the most obvious of the problems we face. Threats to the Island’s environmental health, pollution — physical, aural and visual are obvious. There is a terrible run off problem in Coral Bay from development, including inadequate protections at building sites and poorly planned private roads.

My wife and I have spent significant parts of our lives on St. John since 1974 and have watched with dismay as the island has developed without an overall plan for protecting what has made it a lovely, desirable place to live.

I trust that by virtue of your official position you too are alarmed by the irresponsible behavior of the representatives of Enighed Condominiums LLC. I pray you will use your position to provide remedies to the community for that behavior.

Wilson Roberts, Ajax Peak, Coral Bay