Homicides 2019

A chronological log of the homicides recorded in 2019 in the U.S. Virgin Islands, as reported by the VIPD. Cases are broken down by island. The Source does not include suicides or vehicular homicides in its listing.

STX – 1
Territory – 1
Date of death – Jan. 1

Joseph O. Brow was shot to death early in the morning of New Year’s Day. At about 5:46 a.m. Tuesday the 911 call center received multiple reports of shots being fired in the Mount Pleasant area of Frederiksted, in the vicinity of the Coconut Bar. Arriving at the scene, officers learned that a gunshot victim, later identified as Brow, had been transported to the Juan F. Luis Hospital by private vehicle. Brow had sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the body, and died of his injuries.

STX – 2
Territory – 2
Date of death – Jan. 4

49-year-old Kailash Banani was shot and killed in the Mount Welcome area of St. Croix. According to police, at about 6:23 p.m., the 911 call center received a report of a shooting in Mount Welcome in the vicinity of the Mahogany Welcome Apartments. Arriving at the scene, officers discovered an unresponsive male individual who appeared to have sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the body. The victim was later identified as Banani.

STX – 3
Territory – 3
Date of death – Jan. 8

A 17-year-old male identified by next of kin as Jurvelle Marquell Felixien was killed while riding his bike Tuesday morning in Estate Whim. According to police, at 11:46 a.m. Tuesday the 911 call center received a report of shots fired in Estate Whim in Frederiksted. Officers responded and discovered an unresponsive male individual, later identified as Felixien, lying on the roadway with his bicycle. Preliminary investigation revealed that he was riding his bicycle when a vehicle approached at a high rate of speed, firing shots at the victim while he was riding his bicycle, police said.

STX – 4
Territory – 4
Date of death – Jan. 12

Police arrested 24-year-old Jamal Joseph and charged him with first-degree murder in the shooting death of his brother, 30-year-old Allan Joseph. According to police, at 7:58 a.m. Saturday the 911 dispatcher sent officers to a report of a shooting in Estate Whim. Arriving at the scene, the officers and detectives discovered the unresponsive body of Allan Joseph in his vehicle with what appeared be a gunshot wound to the upper body. Emergency medical technicians and medical attendants at the site were unable to find any vital signs on the victim. Preliminary investigation revealed that both brothers were outside smoking marijuana while other family members were inside the home. The family heard a single shot and shortly after discovered Allan Joseph bleeding from the head.

STX – 5
Territory – 5
Date of death – Jan. 18

A 42-year-old woman, Juana Mateo Perez, was shot to death at a Christiansted bar where she worked as a bartender. According to police, at 8:49 p.m. the 911 dispatcher of shots received reports of shots being fired at the Peace and Love Bar in the vicinity of Market Street in Christiansted. Officers discovered an unresponsive Hispanic female, later identified by next of kin as Perez, with what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds to her body. Witnesses told police that a male individual came into the bar, firing shots at the bartender, striking her several times.

STT – 1, 2
Territory – 6, 7
Date of death – March 17

Two men were killed and two people injured Sunday night in a shooting at a St. Thomas dance club. The two victims had not been identified as of Monday afternoon. Police said identification is pending notification of the next of kin. According to police, at 11:02 p.m. the 911 call center received a report of multiple shots fired at Mi Bloque Disco at Altona and Welgunst, and that one person had been shot in the chest. At the scene, officers discovered two unresponsive Hispanic males lying on the floor inside of the establishment. EMS arrived on the scene and found no vital signs. Two other people – a man and a woman – were injured and treated at the Gov. Juan F. Luis Memorial Hospital.

STT – 3

Territory – 8

Date of death- March 20

Bariki George, a 23-year old employee of the Viking Corporation, located in Estate Thomas on St. Thomas, was killed when he was shot multiple times at work Wednesday morning, allegedly by a fellow employee, according to the V.I. Police Department.

The victim was identified as 23-year-old Bariki George. It was the third homicide on St. Thomas since the beginning of the year, the eighth in the territory.

Police arrested 36-year-old Russell Moolenar and charge him in the crime. He also worked at Viking.

According to the VIPD, at 8:27 a.m. Wednesday police were called by someone from the Viking Corporation who reported that one of his male employees had been shot in the break room of the business.

At the scene, police found the victim, later identified as George, who had sustained several gunshot wounds about his body. Emergency medical technicians were present on the scene and found no vital signs.

STX – 6

Territory – 9

Date of death – March 20

Kelvin Woodson, 59, was killed Wednesday evening in a shooting that followed an argument in Christiansted, according to police. Woodson was known as “Gerbble.” I

According to the police, at around 10:19 p.m., the 911 center received reports of shots fired, then moments later reports of a man down. At the scene, officers found one male individual with multiple gunshot wounds about the body.

Based on information reported to police, there had been an argument inside of Harmony Groceries and Bar West Lane, Christiansted, between the suspect – who was not identified by police, and the victim. The suspect pulled out a gun and shot him numerous times about the body.

A concerned citizen tried to stop the assailant and was grazed by a bullet.

Woodson died of his injuries sustained from the gunshots.