How To Get Things Done


I’ve always heard that the squeaky wheel gets the grease and in the case of getting the potholes over Centerline Road fixed, it seems that one resident’s squeaking finally got the attention of the St. John Deputy Director of Public Works on St. John, Mr. Ira Wade.  

As seen in this photo taken the afternoon on Friday, March 9, you can see that one resident got tired of the normal channels of calling DPW to complain about this massive pothole on Centerline Road and instead sent Ira Wade a very large and personal memo that simply states “IRA FIX THIS” in one-foot high bright orange letters with an arrow pointing to the huge pothole.  

This method of communicating with DPW seems to have worked because seven days later on Friday, March 16, Public Works crews could be seen over the length of Centerline road patching numerous potholes, and of yes, completely digging out the large pothole with the memo painted on it with a backhoe and then filling and repaving it with a paving roller. While Mr. Wade has to be commended for finally getting the potholes filled, it’s such a shame that it takes having to embarrass and publicly humiliate Mr. Wade in order to get these long overdue road repairs started. Well, at least now we know how to get the attention of Public Works.

Maybe if someone sent the same kind of memo to DPW about the deplorable condition of Gift Hill Road we might get the same results? What will it take, Mr. Wade, to get your attention and make you realize that one of your top priorities needs to be the maintenance and repairs or our island roads so that we can all pass safely without having to swerve and dodge potholes. All I can say is “Keep Up The Good Work Mr. Wade, We All Love You.”

John Francis