IGBA Is Looking for Home for Green Building Re-Source Center

Responding to popular demand and community need, the Island Green Building Association has developed plans to establish a source of quality used and surplus building materials at affordable prices on St. John.

This will be called the “Re-Source Center,” and IGBA is seeking a suitable location.

The Re-Source Center will accept donations of useful construction, household, gardening and marine items from individuals and construction projects and resell them at a fraction of new retail prices.

Since IGBA is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization, donated equipment and materials would be considered a charitable donation and may be tax-deductible. Proceeds will fund IGBA’s operations, educational outreach and other programs that promote green building and environmentally-responsible island living.

“The greenest building is one that uses existing materials vs. new ones, so the Re-Source Center is a win-win alternative to the cost and impact of buying new — especially given the cost of materials locally,” said Karen Vahling, IGBA executive director. “A source of affordable, used or surplus construction and home items will be created, while a source of landfill waste will be reduced, and materials will not need to be extracted from the earth again and shipped here.”

The Re-Source Center will require an easily accessible, commercially zoned parcel or building in a convenient area of the island, and IGBA is willing to consider all options and offers for a location — from vacant land to an existing building.

“We can start as simply as land for storing materials in containers while we list them at a virtual Re-Source Store on our website, or, we would love to have a building to expand and upgrade into a model green facility at no cost to the owner,” said Vahling.

The Re-Source Center may add other components if space and funding allow, including recycling, erosion control and new green building materials, a Green Education classroom, onsite demonstrations, and possible sharing of space with sustainability-oriented vendors.

Having planned the Re-Source Center over the past year, IGBA has already received supplier pledges for green improvements, including solar systems and lighting. Community members have contacted IGBA, ready to donate useful construction materials, but had to be turned away until a location is found.  Support and need are evident, but the Re-Source Center needs a home.

For more information or to suggest a location for the Re-Source Center, contact Vahling at 340-227-1110, email karen.vahling@yahoo.com, or visit the IGBA website at www.igbavi.org.