Inaugural Celebration Wraps Up with Governor’s Ball

Governor and Mrs. deJongh pose for the camera.

Gov. John deJongh and Lt. Gov. Gregory Francis wrapped up their whirlwind three-island inaugural celebration with the Governor’s Ball on Wednesday evening, January 3, at the Westin Resort and Villas.

Hundreds of St. John residents came out dressed in their best formalwear to show their support for the new administration.


Event-goers dine at the lavish buffet.

Party-goers enjoyed a hearty buffet that included shrimp, cheeses and mussels, centered around a beautiful ice carving of a swan.


Residents Steve and Helen Simon were among the guests who attended the ball on Wednesday, January 3.

The celebration spread out across Westin’s ballroom and conference rooms, with Cool Sessions entertaining in one room, the buffet in the next room, sushi in another and, of course, a room dedicated entirely to the decadent desserts.


Governor John deJongh, right, with Lt. Governor Gregory Francis, left, and their wives Cheryl Francis, center left and Cecile deJongh, center right.

DeJongh and Francis took the stage to thank their supporters.

Credibility to Government
“We want to bring credibility back to government,” said Francis, who was accompanied by his wife of 33 years, Cheryl. “From now on, you can feel proud to look anyone in the eyes and say, ‘I’m from the Virgin Islands.’”

DeJongh and his wife of 22 years, Cecile, then graced the stage at Francis’ insistence and were met with a standing ovation.

“We won over 70 percent of St. John,” deJongh said, to which the crowd responded with loud cheers. “Thank you, thank you and thank you. With your guidance, we are going to do well.”


Guests danced to the music of Cool Sessions.

Party-goers dance the night away.


It wasn’t long before Cool Sessions got party-goers on their feet. The crowd packed the dance floor, and even indulged in the Electric Slide.