Inner Visions Reports on European Tour

Greetings Everyone!
We are finally home and to tell you the truth some of the band members actually got homesick this year (smile). The Emerald Lounge in Asheville, NC; the Saint in Asbury Park, NJ; the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock, NY; Oceanstate Reggaefest in RI;  and Schooner’s Landing way up in Damarissotta, ME were some of our most memorable and enjoyable gigs this time around. However, it was the string of dates throughout Belgium, Holland and Germany that took the prize this year. If you are a musician and have never done Europe, you haven’t done anything yet! The crowds are massive, the stages huge, and the sound systems wicked!

Everyone came out to hear this little unknown band from the Virgin Islands and we did not disappoint! I think our professionalism shone right through. The radio interviews were relaxed and unrushed, which give us a chance to deliver our special brand of love throughout their listening audiences.

We also had the opportunity to do the biggest and longest running festival in Belgium. It’s called the Antillianse Festen. I’ve never seen anything like it. We played the small stage and I was a little unnerved by that but when I saw what was to be our crowd I was mesmerized! The entire festival had about 80,000 jammed into an open farm lot that housed about five or six stages. In short, it was massive.

The next day, we attended Reggae Sundance in support of our own Midnite band from St. Croix who represented in grand style also. There too, the crowds were massive. Although they came on as the second band to represent that day they had about 10,000 strong supporting. Later the festival would swell to about 60,000 and all this is in front of one stage. Just imagine the sound guys!

Still there is no place like home, be it ever so humble! (laugh)

For those inquiring, we will start gigging soon. Just needed a break from each other for a while. (Even this too is healthy!) We are open for bookings now.

We may have some great news for fans who seem to want us to record live. We’ve done some live recordings on the road this time around and the compilations sound pretty good. We are awaiting some tracks from a show we recorded in Woodstock. The tracks were recorded independently so mixing should be a breeze. Still it all depends on what we hear. We’re seeking to raise funding for our past due new album too! The fans are screaming! If the acclaims Frontline has received is any indication, trust me it can only get better! (You just can’t beat the sounds of live drums!)

We also may have finally landed a manager. This will make the works go even further. As player/manager all these years I’ve done my best, but I’m now realizing this is bigger than I can handle and still focus on the music the way I should. Something would always suffer at times. More to come on this in the near future!

We are happy to be back and look forward with anticipation of “InnerGising” our fans once more!

Inner Visions
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