Resident Calls Out Senator Carmen Wesselhoft for Leaving Property Tax Revaluation Meeting Early

Open Letter to Senator Wesselhoft:
My conscience won’t let me sleep until I point out to you that in spite of all the free PR you got from the lieutenant governor at the start of the St. John Tax Revaluation meeting, you didn’t put anything over on us by slipping out of the meeting as soon as the kudos were over…and making Mr. Wade hold your empty seat the entire meeting while seniors in the lieutenant governor’s “family” went standing.

Maybe you were talking to someone for two hours in the Westin corridor, maybe you were in long distance contact via cell phone from Slimman’s Parking lot again, but really, “in conscience” do you think you best served your constituency by not staying around to hear what was on our minds?

A lot of very good ideas and suggestions were presented, a broad mix of St. Johnians spoke their minds, and especially their hearts. We are all ready to pitch in and help resolve the issue, but the public’s elected representative doesn’t seem to be listening or present, nor does she do what she was elected to do — represent her constituency and its overwhelming mandate,  and “shove her own conscience.”

Senator Hill was reported as being there. First Sirenusa, now the taxes. Wow again! Care to move to St. John and run for office here?

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